Wrinkles & Dark Spots Vanish, Tone Improves,
and you’ll LOVE the way your skin looks and feels


N1 o1 is the FIRST Anti-Aging skincare serum,
based on the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of NITRIC OXIDE,
that Corrects the Cause of wrinkled and damaged skin.

peer reviewed published whit

Backed by 20 years of Research and Science.
Results Proven in 4 Clinical Studies

I am using Pneuma currently, so that's how I know about it.  It is simply the most transformative skincare product I've ever used!

Gia A.

I'm an FMR esthetician and as such come across countless skincare products. But a product, a compound that actually primes your skin? Now that's genius! Pneuma serum is truly a game-changer. A must-have weapon in the war on aging skin.

Lora A, Dragon Tree Therapeutic LLC

N1 o1 makes aging less daunting because now when I look in the mirror...I see radiance"

Laurie H. Owner & Co-Director, Facial Rejuvenation Center

I have tried all kinds of cosmetics for my wrinkles and this works better than any of them.

Rebecca R., Cleveland, OH

My skin is healthier and has a glow now that I didn't have before.  I get compliments on my skin and asked what I have don't differently.  So easy but a critical part of my skincare now.

Monica M. Age 48

I can't live without my Serum!  My skin is smoother, brighter and tone has improved since I started using it.  It feels so good and I can't start or end my day without it.

Angelique S. Age 51

I never knew N1 o1 could solve the wrinkles that have gotten worse over the years on my forehead and around my eyes!

Nick B, Chicago, IL

"I take decent care of my skin for an old gal and use quality skincare so when I can notice an improvement in my skin, I take notice. My skin has improved tone and color. My pores seem smaller which always helps with the overall tone."

Chris G. San Diego

This has been what I didn't have and needed. I wish I had started this earlier in my life. I have shared this with my daughter cause I want her to have good skincare habits that make a difference"

Nancy R., Age 57

Patent Pending


Phthalate & Paraben Free

No Animal Testing

Clinically Tested