Jan 21

Susan K. Shaffer

January 21, 2020

Susan Shaffer is Co-founder and President of Pneuma Nitric Oxide LLC. Ms. Shaffer brings over 30 years of corporate experience and a vast network of industry associations. She delivered her unique brand of strategic business acumen, relationship and management skills to such high-profile companies as Lancome, Dell, 3COMM, and HumanN. A colleague of Dr. Nathan Bryan Ph.D. in a company dedicated to the use of Nitric Oxide in dietary supplementation, Ms. Shaffer was a natural to lead Pneuma Nitric Oxide LLC.  “I am extremely passionate about fostering the unrealized potential of this miracle molecule and committed to advancing its development." Utilizing proprietary technology and intellectual property, allows Pneuma to achieve amazing success where others have failed. The scientifically-proven benefits of Nitric Oxide have far-reaching implications. “Pneuma’s revolutionary advancements open the door to a vast array of applications that will improve the quality of life for millions of people for years to come.” Ms. Shaffer forges a fresh path forward for product innovation and Pneuma Nitric Oxide LLC.

Jeff Adise