• Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves overall skin tone
  • Improves texture and clarity
  • Increase skin hydration
  • Repairs skin damage & blemishes
  • Helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the dermis
  • Contains anti-oxidant vitamins C & E
  • One bottle provides 60 applications
  • Rated in Top 12 Leading Beauty Brands of 2020

Nitric Oxide Activating

Clinically Proven. Corrects Wrinkles, Tone, Clarity & Texture. Original Bottle, Same as N1 o1
Reg: $215.00
Sale: $150.00


Patent Pending
Fragrance Free
Phthalate & Paraben Free
No Animal Testing
Clinically Tested
Pneuma Nitric Oxide Activating Skin Serum is a patent-pending, innovative dual chamber technology that produces nitric oxide gas when the contents of both chambers are mixed together. Loss of nitric oxide with aging leads to increased signs of aging including poor complexion, loss of barrier function and increased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore in people that have lost the ability to produce nitric oxide by the cells in the skin, nitric oxide has to be produced for them. That is the beauty of the Pneuma Nitric Oxide Skin Serum. If your body cannot produce nitric oxide, we do it for you. Each bottle of Pneuma Nitric Oxide provides 60 applications.

Pneuma Nitric Oxide – Improves skin tone, clarity, complexion and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

PROACTIVE SKINCARE STARTS IN YOUR 20’S Apply Pneuma 1 time daily before the appearance of lines. Use Pneuma one time daily in your 20’s before the fine lines and wrinkles form. Make Pneuma part of a daily proactive skincare routine, before the signs of aging appear. REJUVENATING SKINCARE (1 – 2 times daily) By age 40 your body produces only 50% of what it needs to keep your skin from aging and 15% by age 65. Most people already show the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Use Pneuma Nitric Oxide once or twice daily, depending on the aging and the condition of your skin. Pneuma may slow the progression of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve your skin’s clarity, tone, and texture. RESTORATIVE SKINCARE (2 times daily) Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and skincare professionals recommend and use Pneuma for their patients. Use Pneuma Nitric Oxide twice daily on aged, blemished or damaged skin. It is recommended to use this product in the AM and PM on clean skin. Dispense a single pump from each chamber. Mix together and apply to face and neck. When serums from the dual chambers are mixed together, the nitric oxide is activated and produced. We detect 15-30 ppm nitric oxide gas when mixed and applied to the skin. As a result of the nitric oxide activation, certain skin types could show a pink tone lasting a few minutes. Allow serum to fully absorb 1-2 minutes before applying or continuing with your normal daily skincare regime. Pneuma Nitric Oxide can be used as a stand-alone skin treatment or as a primer for your existing skincare regime. When applied as the first step in an anti-aging routine, users report a noticeable improvement in their existing daily skincare. Our unique formula is designed to optimize absorption in the skin and improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. Pneuma’s synergistic Nitric Oxide dual-chamber delivery system also contains a high-concentration of powerful antioxidants proven in peer-review studies to help prevent the free radical damage that can lead to the appearance of premature aging. Because we don’t use any chemical preservatives that can permeate into your skin, our all-natural antioxidants may develop a slight amber hue. This is perfectly normal, does not affect Pneuma’s effectiveness and lets you know Pneuma contains only the healthiest ingredients. The benefits of Pneuma Nitric Oxide Activating Serum are a noticeable improvement in overall tone, texture, and clarity of the skin and the appearance of spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.



Debbie MacDonnell

Hello Veronique: Thank you for your interest in our product! We are on Twitter, but are not actually using it a lot right now. We would love to have you follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We will be rolling out new products over the next few weeks and will be introducing them on our social media platforms. Plus, you'll see special offers and promos there. Let me know if you need anything else...I'm happy to help! Debbie

Laurie H., RN., Owner & Co-Director, Facial Rejuvenation Center, Nashville, Tennessee

“Since starting Pneuma Nitric Oxide 2 months ago, I have seen a significant improvement in my skin tone with improved clarity. This lightweight product delivers a brighter, more radiant-looking complexion and provides an instant boost of luminosity and glow. I like that it contains vitamin C to help minimize the sun and free radical damage. Pneuma Nitric Oxide makes aging less daunting because now when I look in the mirror . . . I see radiance!”

Rebecca R., Cleveland, OH

“I have tried all kinds of cosmetics for my wrinkles and this works better than any of them.”

Stephanie R., Denver, CO

“The Pneuma serum was amazing. I had several blemishes that went away within a week. My skin continued to clear almost daily. After a month, I’m blemish free! Haven’t looked this way in years!”

Robert M., New York, NY

“Being a guy, I don’t like using products that have a strong fragrance. Pneuma has very little. I get shaving burn daily. Pneuma helped sooth my irritated skin and gave me an airbrushed complexion. I’d recommend it to any guy who just wants to look better.”


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