"I turned back the hands of time"


“My skin was dry, aging, lifeless, kind of dull. I needed to rejuvenate my skin but needed something simple, no deep regimens”.

“My age spots diminished, so did the wrinkles around my mouth and smile lines, my skin plumped up. I felt it was working the minute I put it on. I felt a little bit of a heat, which dissipated, and I felt it plumping my skin. My pores diminished, my makeup goes on smoother, my skin is brighter, rejuvenated, less fine lines, and wrinkles.

My mom asked me what I was doing. She said I turned back the hands of time. She asked what am I on.”

Name: Michelle
Age: 45
Problem: Dull lifeless skin, Wrinkles, Age Spots, Smile Lines,
About Me: Working mom.

Days between Photos: 36 Days
How Often: Once Daily AM

What Pneuma did for me: I have an overall glow. I can go without makeup and it’s ok.