"I'm a New Person"


“ecstatic, I can show everyone my face. Look at me now I’m a new person”.

She struggled in high school. We tried everything and went to a few different doctors but none of it worked. A friend reached out about N1o1. We tried everything else, why not. In the first week I noticed a difference, her skin got tighter the pores got smaller and the oiliness dried up. As she continued to use it, the better it got. The blemishes were lighting up and the clusters of blemishes got smaller”. Cheyenne’s Mother
Name: Cheyenne Age: 19 Problem: Acne, Dark Spots. Oily Skin About Me: I am a full time student. Days between Photos: 53 Days How Often: Twice Daily AM & PM. What Pneuma did for me: I’m a new person